Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Destruction of a Nation

Membership in As A Mom hit 50,000 today. Fifty thousand Americans, mostly women, though there are a few men, all terrified about what is happening to our country.

This organization has been an incredible, eye-opening experience for me. The personal stories are diverse beyond imagination - we are moms, grandmothers, stepmothers, guardians, women who hope to one day become moms. There are women of every imaginable size, shape and color, from every state in the land, every political party, every walk of life. Women who have gardens and can most of their own food - women who don't know how to boil water.

In all our diversity, there is one common thread. Every one of these fifty thousand women believes that our nation is in mortal danger.

Even before the election, Barack Obama was tearing this country apart. I have read countless stories of grandmothers who can no longer see their grandchildren because they tried to convince their own daughters that this man posed a grave threat to our future. The mothers chose a politician over their own mothers! Military moms are torn between pride in their children and fear that the incompetance in the White House is forcing those children into unbearable situations and risking their lives for a cause that will soon be abandoned. We have black moms who are furious beyond words at the way people of color are being made ever more dependent on the handouts that are destroying them.

Moms are teaching other moms how to prepare for Armageddon - what to stock up on, how to store it, even discussing building fallout shelters. The fear is everywhere. The pleas for someone to tell them what to do, how to change things, how to stop this collision with disaster are the conversation threads with the most responses. Every new news item brings a new chorus of "What are we going to do?" Every day reveals a new threat, a new cause, a new worry that our freedom is being stolen from us in ever bigger grabs. There are so many perceived threats it is impossible even to remember them all, much less fight them.

Against all odds, this little gathering of women is networking, sharing knowledge, advising those who seek it, posing and debating ideas and plans of attack. Many turn to God, certain that He will provide - while others advocate upping the ante through civil disobedience...or perhaps worse? Always left unspoken is the thought that the day of armed resistance may be approaching. So many of these women have never given politics more than a passing thought in their lives, but are now prepared to do whatever it takes to defend the nation they never realized they loved. There are those who are confident - real pioneer spirits - who are prepared, who could live indefinitely off their stockpiles and their land, and there are those who no longer sleep and can barely eat because their fear has overwhelmed them.

If anyone had told me a year ago that I would be part of such a group, I would likely have laughed at them. Now, I wish our numbers were 100 times what they are.

My mind keeps going back to the Anbar Awakening in Iraq. The turning point in the war there - the moment when the citizens collectively stood up and said, "Enough!" Finally, Americans are standing up and saying the same. It feels like a wildfire from my perspective, spreading out of control across the nation, and it is the best thing that has happened in this country in my lifetime. In the face of the greatest potential for destruction that our nation has ever faced, the American spirit is shining through. We still lack organization, and many of our members are very uneducated on the issues, but with each passing day more join our ranks and we become a bit more of a force, more determined and better prepared to prevent the destruction of our nation.

Perhaps Glenn Beck is right. Perhaps it will be the Moms who save us after all.

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