Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just Doodlin'

I've been listening to our favorite radio personalities and am aghast at the tricks the dems might be able to play to get the health care bill in as an amendment to a bill that they've been sitting on just for this purpose. If they make it an amendment to a bill that's already been approved, THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE TO VOTE ON IT!!! What the hell is going on with these rotten bastards? Our country is going down the toilet and those elected officials in DC that are supposed to be working for us are fiddling while the USA burns. Couple this with cap & trade and that old joke about the 2 line incometax return will have been correct...

Line 1. Income?
Line 2. Send it in.

I have been writing and faxing and calling and so far, I can't feel comfortable that I've done a damn thing. I can only take a little comfort in knowing that I tried. That won't do me any good when Social Security and Medicare dry up. I do know this, my grandfather told me never to trust a democrat. I never have. But, unfortunately others do. I can't imagine how those people think. I can't imagine that the people who voted for Obowma don't feel cheated. They must perceive by now that he is doing everything he can to make this a socialist country at best and a faschist country at worst. He is glorifying himself with symbols and songs and poems. Don't you believe for one minute that he didn't have somthing to do with this idiosy that's going on in classrooms all over the country. Burlington, NJ was just the first one to get caught. The man is a sociopath. We are in danger, Will Robinson.......

Call, write, fax, email, stand on your desk and scream, but make sure those low life bastards in Washington know that: We're mad as hell and we aren't going to take it anymore! jc

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