Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inciting Violence

As a kid, I accompanied my parents to church services every Wednesday night and twice on Sunday. Here are some things I learned:

"The fight is on, oh Christian Soldiers and face to face in stern array..."

"Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to war..."

"Over the top for Jesus, bravely we shall go. Over the top for Jesus, thwarting every foe,
Never delaying when we hear the bugle blow, we'll fight for right with all of our might...."

"Fight the good fight..."

"Stand up, stand up for Jesus, Ye soldiers of the cross..."

Very militaristic language, but only an idiot would say those old gospel hymns were intended to incite violence.

Today some liberal Dems are accusing Sarah Palin and other conservatives of inciting violence when then speak of "targeting" political opponents, but these Dems are not idiots. They, however, ARE inciting violence.

They know the conservative movement is a bottom-up phenomena. They know that it is the greatest possible threat to their political power. And they know the best way to defeat this movement is to discredit it in the eyes of those millions of American voters who are not really paying attention. Discredit the Conservatives... win the votes of the inattentive Liberals and Independents.

What would instantly discredit the Conservatives more quickly than a true act of violence?

And what will incite that act of violence? When persons in power flaunt their power and refuse to even acknowledge honest, non-violent citizens who disagree. By jamming legislation "down the throats" of good, hard-working people who disagree, you make them really angry. Then, when you mock them, taunt them, and dare them to protest, their anger becomes hatred. Now, all you have to do is accuse them of being what they are not: radicals, terrorists, a violent, undisciplined mob... you are pushing too hard. If you can just get a few to reach the breaking point and explode in an act of violence, the discrediting can become complete.

The Tea Party followers, the Conservative "stars" like Sarah Palin, are not taking the bait. We can only hope that no one else does.


  1. riiiight..

    The truth behind the Tea Party racism, Sarah Palin, anti-government violence and GOP accountability from a Christian perspective:


  2. Very rich...some little punk from Massachusetts (home of the newest Republican Senator, I might add) who has never been to a Tea Party in his life professes to know the "truth" about the Tea Party movement. I didn't read your post...I can find lies and smears in the "mainstream" media, undoubtedly written with more skill than your meager attempts. Carnage along the path? Hysterical!

    As for the post above, no worries. Having stood in the middle of 1.7 million people on the National Mall last September 12th, and spending countless hours before and after working with these same people as we educate our fellow citizens and return the Constitution to its proper place of honor, I know they will stand strong and continue to restore honor to our great nation. It will take a lot more than lies from idiots to upset these patriots. The mission is clear, the dedication complete, the cause supreme. Our numbers grow with each passing day - already we are nearly 50 million strong (a recent Rasmussen poll indicates that 16% of the population is associated with the Tea Party movement - 16% of 307 million is over 49 million) - soon that number will double. In the eyes of history, it will be known that we were the driving force behind the salvation of America, and the best friends liberty has had in many, many years.

  3. Sam, as always, you hit the nail on the head.

    I too sang with pride and strong voice as a boy in Sunday school. I decorated my bike for the 4th of July parqade with red, white, and blue crepe paper. I saluted the flag and honored my President (Dwight D. Eisenhower) as a member of the Presidential Drill team. Our company was responsible for protecting the White House in an emergency.

    I can barely sing the National Anthem without a tear in my eye and a crack in my voice.

    Every member of the Tea Party that I've met has this same ailment. We suffer from Patriotism. Don't get too close to us, it's contagious.

    God bless you, Sam and God bless our families and God Bless America and protect us from socialists in the White House. The same White House I was assigned to protect. jc