Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NOT just doodlin'

Normally, I just blog about things that just cross my mind, but today is different. I an concerned. I"m concerned about the path our local 3rd district has taken about replacing Dennis Moore as our representative in congress. April and I, mostly April, have devoted a lot of time to seeing to it that the process is honest, open, and fair. April has spent hour after hour, after being on her computer all day for work, on her computer at night trying to elicit fairness to a campaign that has suddenly become ugly.

One of the campaigns has taken an unfortunate turn to the ugly, attacking another's children. Others, who have contributed to the early running as supporters, have failed to follow the simple guidelines submitted and agreed to by Icaucus have decided the rules do NOT apply to them. We find this to be politics as usual instead of what we thought would be a clean and honest campaign. NOT SO!!!

We have several people running that would be a huge improvement over the sitting congressman, who wouldn't be? One, a sitting Kansas congressman is nothing more than a RINO and has as much backbone as a jelly fish, and would be no better than Dennis. Others have some experience in the state congress, but are not very knowledgeable about our Constitution and the intent of the founding fathers. Still others have NO experience in government. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but not having a basis upon which to evaluate bills and other methods of determining the real meaning of proposals in the House could become detrimental to an informed vote.

One of the candidates is young and extremely intelligent. He is well versed in the Constitution and the founder's philosophy. His work experience is primarily based on a family business in which he worked from the time he was old enough to do that. He is articulate and well founded in the process of government and, in my opinion, would be a tremendous leader. His age is judged by some to be a point against him. I don't think that's a viable reason to excuse him from consideration.

That having been said, let's take a look at what happens to a freshman congress person when they arrive in DC. They are welcomed by the leader of their party and shown to an office. They must assemble a staff. They are questioned to see what they feel and what they believe, and then they are appointed to a committee. (Not usually one that will give them any kind of voice to determine anything.) Next, housing is a factor. Where will they live while in DC? Housing is very expensive in the area. They will be introduced to other party members and those of the opposing party in order to be indoctrinated in the ways of the sitting experts who will try to lead them along the path they'd like to see them travel. They will be instructed on the ways of Washington and will be expected to vote the way the party wants them to vote. They will not be expected to have any ideas of their own.

All of the above takes several months to accomplish. The next step is to be certain they get home frequently enough to ensure election for the next term. Suddenly, they turn around and their first term is gone. They accomplish very little. They have been lead down the primrose path to mediocrity. They didn't even see it coming.

Someone who has had experience in DC, gone to school there, and is familiar with the freshman hustle can avoid this. It is vital to the 3rd District that the person we elect to face the democrat combatant have this kind of experience. Only one of our candidates has this experience.

One of the candidates has military experience and is, without a doubt, a true American Hero. I admire him greatly... But... His lack of knowledge of the Constitution and the intent of the founding fathers is obvious. In a perfect world with all things being equal, one accustomed to taking orders from a superior officer is conditioned to do that forever. I'm afraid that could continue in DC.

These musings are only one man's opinion and certainly not those of other family members. As a senior citizen, I guess I'm allowed some latitude about voicing my opinion. I hope I have not stepped on any one's toes with my blog. I just want to see a fair and honest approach to selecting, by secret ballot, a candidate that can and will fulfill the intent of the founding fathers and the Constitution. Someone with the backbone to stand up to long term politicians and point out the meaning of the Constitution and where the proposed bill falls short of the original intent. Age has little or nothing to do with it. A young man from Wisconsin named Paul Ryan is a shining example of what a young man with knowledge can bring to a bunch of old, set in their ways, politicians.

I've gone on far too long already, but I needed to express my feelings. And I need to be truthful. I have been a professional salesman for 50 years. I have been the number one salesman for a Fortune 500 company, the salesman of the year for a company who, with 9 salesman nationwide, had sales of 9.5 million and I did 4.7 million of that. I have not aways been completely candid with my selling. I have never lied to the best of my knowledge, but I have said what the client wanted to hear if it fit within the scope of my sales pitch. Salesmen do that. If a salesman will do that with people he expects to establish a long term relationship, will he do that with his constituency? Probably.

All in all, my friends, we have a limited time to determine who we should support as the candidate for the conservative 3rd district runner. True conservatives, not RINOs must be presented as our representative. We can do this... My fellow Americans, we can do this. jc

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