Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Doodlin'

On the sunny moring of September 10, 2009, April and I set off for what we felt would be an historic event. We were bound for Washington DC. We were going to participate in an event unlike any other since... I don't know when. We were going to march in the 9/12 Rally. For my part, it was a protest of the way the Obama administration is ruining our country. He said he would transform our country and he's doing it. Obama is a traitor. He is selling or rather giving our country away to the idiots of the world who gather on a regular basis in the UN building in New York City, USA. Today, 9/23/09, he made a speech in that building and did what he is wont to do in speeches. He apologized for all we are and all we have accomplished over the years since 1776. He hates this country and will, I'm afraid, take it beyond the point of no return before his term expires.
I wanted to tell you how wonderful it was to be with our 1.2 or 1.5 million close friends sharing the overcast day on the Capitol Mall. Not a complaint could be heard except about the state of the nation. No one got out of line at all. Everyone was of a like mind, we wanted our country back. Back from the traitor who is leading us over the presipice to a third world economy. He can fly to New York to see a play and have it cost the taxpayers, you and I, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Michelle Obama can fly to France on a shopping spree and have that cost passed on to those of us who pay taxes.
I could rant about the rediculously high cost of energy if the cap and trade bill passes the Senate. I could rant about the rediculous health care bill, or the lack of attention to our borders, or the lack of Constitutionallity of the Czars in the White House, but those reading this know about those illegal things already.
I seriously believe, after having attended a candidate forum for the third district of Kansas last night, that April would be a far better candidate than any of the 3 that put in appearences. The best of the bunch wasn't even a candidate. She was a representative of the Libertarian Party. April knew more about the questions asked by the moderator than did any of the candidates. It is a shame that a mind like April's can't represent us in the hallowed halls of the Capitol building in DC. We toured those halls and one could feel the presence of the founding fathers and those that came after, walking those halls. For us to allow one man who I am sure is twisted and sick to ruin what it has taken over 233 years to build would be a crime at least as bad as he will inflict upon us.
I was listening to talk radio this morning about his (Obama's) speech at the UN and got tears in my eyes. I can't stand what he is doing to our great nation and I can't understand why congress is allowing it to go on. Despite the fact that there is an overwhelming majority of Democrats in both houses, I can't believe they are so blinded by party ties that they would allow this wonderful country to be betrayed into third world status. I just can't make myself believe it. I guess I'll get to see it if I'm around long enough.
Speaking of enough, I'm more than certain that anyone reading this will think it's enough already, so I'll stop. But, rest assured, when I can't hold it in anymore, I'll be back. JC

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