Friday, May 22, 2009

Just Doodlin'

You all know how old I am. I've been a pretty easy going guy all my life. I like to do things right. I like to consider myself a conservative. I am now on the horns of a dilemma. When the republicans were conservative, I didn't mind being called a republican. Now that you can't tell the average republican from the average democrat without a score card, I dislike being associated with either party. Ayn Rand's Objectivist party comes closest to my real leanings, but April and I are the only 2 registered Objectivists in Kansas as far as I know. I suppose I could get April to run for president and she could garner 100% of the party votes in Kansas. Even the Libertarians can't muster enough votes to make any difference. So, what is an old conservative to do? I pray for a valiant conservative to grab the reins of the republican party, steer it back to the "real" right, and espouse the true belief in honoring the Constitution.
Until that happens, I must make my tired old voice heard at tea parties and through emails and faxes and phone calls to my non representing representatives in congress. The 2 senators from Kansas are fairly firm in their conservative beliefs. At least they vote with the conservative side almost all the time. So, loved ones and fellow conservatives, help me convince the republican party to be true conservatives again. Help us in the 3rd district to find and elect a true conservative and get rid of Dennis Moore. If the conservatives in Johnson county would ALL go to the polls, we might be able to override the libs in Wyandotte and Douglas counties. See you at the next TEA PARTY!!! JC

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