Friday, May 29, 2009


I've just spent 2 hours watching this movie. Right now, I just don't know what to say.

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  1. I watched only 20 minutes, which was quite enough.
    It takes many man hours to produce a two-hour documentary. That instantly translates to many dollars. Thus, there are only two reasons to produce such a piece: 1. For profit. 2. To sell a message,
    I watched this thing for free, which rules out reason #1 for its production. That, then, leaves #2.
    Who the hell is selling this message?
    I well remember George H.W. Bush referencing a new world order. He was talking about a world with law and order and respect for every nation's soverignty. That has largely come to pass, so we respect the borders of nations like North Korea and Iran when, rightly, someone should have gone in and booted their regimes long ago.
    But, all this conspiracy crap arose and just keeps popping up, like a porn site that you stumble across on the internet and cannot seem to delete.
    People keep listening to this hogwash because there is something to dislike in every political movement. Pieces like this one have something to please everyone.
    In reality, the only real problem with most political movements is that some of their basic premises are flawed. Hell, we all make mistakes - but the politicians attempt to cover up or to fix their mistakes usually makes things worse. The more they fiddle with it, the worse it gets.
    I agree that Obama is a puppet. He flies all over the country in Air Force One, attending fundraisers. Then he lands somewhere and makes a long, articulate, carefully worded speech. Who writes this crap for him and sticks it on a teleprompter? He certainly does not, and I tend to agree with the conspiracy freaks who produced this thing.
    But then they say Kennedy was shot because "Do as we say or you die"! That is conspiracy fantasy of the first order and I am outta here!