Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zero Fiddles. World Burns.

You may not have heard, but there is major trouble brewing internationally. I realize that the media cannot stop panting over the greatness of Sonia Sotomayor long enough to report on it, but the axis of evil is flexing its muscles. Obviously, Obama's primary response has been to create a distraction by announcing his (unsurprising and unremarkable) selection to fill the upcoming void on the Supreme Court.

Dig a little, or visit Fox News, and you'll learn that Iran has a fleet of six warships in international waters. The article calls this "saber rattling" and "unprecedented." Coming on the heels of their recent missile tests, and just before the upcoming elections, this is a show of strength and an unwillingness to kowtow to demands of the west - a sort of unspoken threat demonstration of power to the Iranian people before they go to the polls. If he's tough enough to stick his finger in the west's collective eye, perhaps voters will think twice before voting against him. Obama's repeated statements that he wants to make love, not war, and his attempts to force Israel into national suicide are producing exactly the results any thinking person would expect from a warped religious zealot whose only goal is to produce the ultimate suffering required to hasten the return of his beloved twelfth Imam from the slimy depths of a well. His nuclear arsenal nearing completion, Ahmadi-Nejad is practically drooling with anticipation of the next steps in his plan. The White House response? Crickets chirping. Adding to the excitement, Israeli intelligence reports that Venezuela and Bolivia are supplying uranium to Iran and Venezuela is permitting the establishment of Hizballah cells within its borders. Obama's newest friend, Chavez, has good reason to be amused by The Messiah's genial behavior.

North Korea, meanwhile, is taking the challenge to ever higher levels. Following the successful launch of a long-range missile last month, they conducted another, much more powerful, underground nuclear test yesterday, have launched several more missiles, and are now re-starting their nuclear plant to produce more weapons-grade plutonium. Something's a little fishy with the North Korean situation, however. I suspect Obama himself may be paying them to act...what else could possibly support this statement of their reasons for their actions?
North Korea blamed the escalating tensions in the region on Washington, saying the U.S. was building up its forces, and defended its nuclear test as a matter of self-preservation.

An editorial in the North's main newspaper, the Rodong Sinmun, called the United States "warmongers" and said Washington's recent announcement about sending fighter planes to Japan "lay bare the sinister and dangerous scenario of the U.S. to put the Asia-Pacific region under its military control."
Seriously? With President Pantywaist at the helm? Either Obama's paying them to improve his image or they are utterly delusional.

Again, the response from the White House is ridiculous. I can't find the link, but I read a story saying that an unnamed (of course) administration official said that they will be "tougher than Bush" on North Korea. Okay. We're waiting...and waiting...and waiting....

But, hey! Great news! We're going to solve the climate crisis by painting all of our roofs white! That'll show 'em!

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